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South Carolina Industries

South Carolina is home to some of the most successful and innovative companies in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and technology industries.


South Carolina Exports to Brazil
South Carolina exported $616 million in manufactured goods to Brazil in 2011.
Brazil is South Carolina?s 8th largest export market.

South Carolina Trade Facts
28.5% of all manufactured workers depended on exports for their jobs in 2010.
84% of the more than 3,600 companies that exported goods in 2009 were small or medium-size enterprises with fewer than 500 employees.
13% of South Carolina's total merchandise exports in 2009 were from small or medium-size firms.
More than 49,000 jobs are directly supported by exports.

South Carolina Top Exports Products to Brazil in 2011

Sources: SC Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Department of State, the White House

I arrived in Atlanta in 2007 tasked with starting Stefanini's operations in the Southeast and I must say that the The BACC-SE has played an important role in our success here. Stefanini and I are very grateful for the doors that the Chamber has opened to us. With the help of the Chamber, we have been able to establish important relationships in the region and grow our business in the Southeast.

BACC-SE has played an important role in our success here- by Gabriel Tinti, Business Development Director at Stefanini IT Solutions




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